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Tabasco Chipotle

Saturday, 3 September 2011 15:40 by nico

I usually don't talk about hot sauces, but since a few weeks, a new variety of Tabasco pepper sauce has appeared on the shelves of Belgian supermarkets (Colruyt and Delhaize) alongside the Original and Green Jalapeno: the Tabasco Chipotle pepper sauce.

Tabasco Chipotle 

This sauce is totally different from the Original Tabasco, it has a strong smoke smell, a deep red/brown color and small chunks… which make think to a barbecue sauce. And for a reason: it can be used as a marinade, for grilling but also as a base for a homemade barbecue sauce ! But of course, with a gentle heat (its Scoville Unit Rating is 1500-2500)

Tabasco Chipotle Back

Not too hot, and not too mild, the result is a smoky, flavorful sauce that'll make you want to fire up the grill – and it's great for grilling flank steak, fajitas, hamburgers and vegetables.

And I confirm that it adds a really great taste to chili and burritos ! If you like smokey and spicy sauce, this one is a must-have !

More info:
Can be found in Delhaize and Colruyt supermarkets (2.30 €) or on (8.80 € !)


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