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Serious Eats talks about barbecue sauce

Monday, 23 May 2011 11:35 by nico

I'm a frequent reader of Serious Eats, a family of blogs about food (reviews, recipes, techniques and so on...) if you're a food geek, I strongly recommend that you add their feeds to your RSS reader !

Anyway, they've recently published a lot of articles about barbecue sauce which are worth reading Smile

Regional barbecue sauce recipes

Perhaps you ignore it, but barbecue sauce is more complex than it seems ! It comes in a variety of recipes depending on the region where it's made. They've published 3 recipes so far:

These articles point out differences between these sauces, which all have common ingredients, but differ in use, consistency and taste. I'll try to write a more detailed article about regional barbecue sauces. You can read more about this subject in the Serious Eats article A guide to American barbecue sauce styles


They also tested some sauces, what Brian from Barbecue Sauce Reviews and I love doing. They focused on 16 US sauces that you can find in grocery stores.

I tasted 5 sauces amongst the 16: Bull's-Eye, Sweet Baby Ray's, Jack Daniel's, Hunt's and Budweiser.
Good news for Belgian BBQ sauce lovers, you can find 4 of these 5 sauces in Belgium (Sweet Baby Ray's is only available in the US) ! I haven't reviewed all of them on the blog yet, but I'll do it in the next posts so stay tuned Wink

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