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Friday, 17 April 2009 01:50 by nico

That saturday evening, we headed to the city centre to eat before going to the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival and we stopped at Houtsiplou, a fairly new restaurant.

“Houtsiplou” is a belgian expression which stands for a very far or imaginary place; but there are actually several villages in Belgium called like that.

Anyway, their main dishes are homemade burgers, which are really big compared to what you can get in a filthy McDonald’s because they’re like 15cm wide and 10cm thick with 200gr of beef inside ! You could hardly find similar sized burgers in Brussels.

I chosed the “Classic” one: 200gr of beef, cheddar, salad, tomatoes, gurkins, fried onions and… barbecue sauce ! Indeed, most of their burgers are made with BBQ sauce, that’s good news innit ?

The burger was really good, and the fries (served in a flower pot) were perfect. The only thing is that they definitely should add more barbecue sauce to it because you could hardly taste it.

I told that to the waitress, and she said she always asks for more barbecue sauce inside because she loves that (she might read this blog, who knows !) and their sauce is actually homemade! Next time, we’ll ask for a sample, so we could review it !

Place Rouppe 9,
1000 Bruxelles 

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