Mad about BBQ sauce !
Trying to make you enjoy barbecue sauce as much as we do


Belgium is the land of beer, but also the land of sauce. Hundreds of sauces to put on your fries: brazil, american, samouraï, banzaï, pickels, pepper, cocktail, andalouse... to name a few.
But it's more tricky to find BBQ sauce, good BBQ sauce !

When we discovered our mutual love for BBQ sauce, we decided to share it to the world. On this blog, we're reviewing sauces  that can be bought in Belgium, that friends brought us back from holidays or that have been kindly sent to us.
We're talking about the smell, the taste, the color, the nutrition facts and what's nice to cook with.
But we're also talking about grilling, smoking and more general BBQ stuff !

Enjoy the sauce !

Nicolas and Marie