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Where to eat BBQ sauce in Brussels: Boston Steak House & Cool Bun

Sunday, 16 October 2011 17:59 by nico and marie
Not only it's possible to buy BBQ sauce in Brussels, but you can also find a couple of places to eat BBQ sauce. I already talked about the Houtsiplou, which has become pretty famous in Brussels now. Boston Steak House This week, we went to Boston Steak House in Ixelles to try out their ribs a friend recommended us. For 12.90€, you get a nice piece of meat with a small side salad, fries, and some more BBQ sauce. The ribs are very well cooked, not smoked, but rather caramelized with honey. They are tender, still a bit moist and the meat falls off the bone easily. They’re basted with BBQ sauce just before serving (the same as the one served as dipping sauce).  The sauce is not bad either, rich and thick, classic KC style that does the job well. On the other hand, the fries weren’t tasty at all. Cool Bun We also went to Cool Bun “Burger & Wine Bar” in Saint-Gilles. I’d wanted to go there for a long time to try out the Apple Jack burger (hanger steak, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, onion rings and BBQ sauce - 14€) and I haven’t been disappointed! It’s the best burger I’ve ever eaten in Brussels ! It comes with fries, a small side salad, ketchup and mustard mayo in separated small bowls. The burger is served with the upper bun aside, and the onion rings topped with BBQ sauce sit on top of the meat. A feast for the eyes (too bad, I forgot to take a picture, it will be for next time). You have to eat the crunchy but light onion rings before putting the upper bun in place and enjoy the burger. The meat was perfectly seasoned and grilled, the homemade bun had the right consistency, and the fries were incredibly good ! And the sauce ? It’s homemade and you can choose between regular and spicy (I went for the spicy one). It tastes a bit like an asian sauce, with flavours of soy sauce and ginger. It has a nice red color with a good consistency and chunks inside. Unfortunately, there’s sauce on the onion rings only so I had to ask for an extra ! They have a nice range of differents and originals burgers wich looked as good as the Apple Jack one: My wife got a jalapenos/avocado/cheddar/lettuce and tomato one and it was delicious ! Our friends tried some others of the range but… you just have to go for it and make your own mind ! I won’t talk about the dessert which was as outrageous as the burger, you have to taste for yourself. Furthermore, all the ingredients are organic and the staff is really friendly. Boston Steak House 2, Avenue de la Toison d'Or 1050 Ixelles  Read the review (in French) on Zone02 Cool Bun Burger & Wine Bar 34, Rue Berckmans 1060 Saint-Gilles Read the review (in French) on La cuisine à quatre mains
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